class dagger.Config(*, workdir: PathLike[str] | str = '', config_path: PathLike[str] | str = '', log_output: TextIO | None = None, timeout: int = 10, execute_timeout: int | float | None = None)

Options for connecting to the Dagger engine.

  • workdir (os.PathLike[str] | str) – The host workdir loaded into dagger.

  • config_path (os.PathLike[str] | str) – Project config file.

  • log_output (TextIO | None) – A TextIO object to send the logs from the engine.

  • timeout (int) – The maximum time in seconds for establishing a connection to the server.

  • execute_timeout (int | float | None) – The maximum time in seconds for the execution of a request before an ExecuteTimeoutError is raised. Passing None results in waiting forever for a response (default).

class dagger.Connection(config: Config | None = None)

Connect to a Dagger Engine.


async def main():
    async with dagger.Connection() as client:
        ctr = client.container().from_("alpine")

You can stream the logs from the engine to see progress:

import sys
import anyio
import dagger

async def main():
    cfg = dagger.Config(log_output=sys.stderr)

    async with dagger.Connection(cfg) as client:
        ctr = client.container().from_("python:3.11.1-alpine")
        version = await ctr.with_exec(["python", "-V"]).stdout()

    # Output: Python 3.11.1